Sophos, I'm curious: Since the start of this article, I found myself thinking: "Does this guy think Valve organise the minors and majors?". Because I don't understand why you keep writing about the absence of NA tournaments as the doing of Valve. Surely, if any good organisers stepped up, Valve would be happy to let them have a minor at the very least. NA has just never been a place where many good tournaments were organized - at least not within Dota. Yes, Valve are flirting with China, but I have a feeling that The International will soon be back in the USA. Right now, it has been favourable to change to another venue due to the untenable circumstances about getting entrance to the country for foreign players at the moment. However, the US will still likely be the preferred location - not to "grow the scene", but rather because it's Valve's home turf.

Article 4/8/19, 8:37 PM

From the looks of it, Gosugamers put the wrong result. Mousesports won 2-1:

Match 11/13/17, 11:21 PM

When you use the words "release" and "dropped", it seems a bit misleading, since we have no idea if they left or got kicked. All we can conclude is that they are "out of EG". With Fear, it seems indeed that they only possibility is retirement. They wouldn't kick him - he makes EG work, just as much as ppd does (through his versatility and skill as a player as well as his personality that drives and bonds his teammates). Of course, another option is that EG , as an organization, ceased to exist, now that Alex Garfield is no longer at the helm. Which is why this news item is a bit premature (also because it could be a troll, with him re-added later) - but let's hope for an announcement soon :)

Article 8/27/16, 10:57 PM

I believe Valve find it in their interest not to release the details of their investigations. The truth of the matter is that it's not too hard for match-fixers to cover their tracks. If Valve reveal their methods of investigating match-fixing, they make it even hard for themselves to catch future offenders. Thanksfully, Ztok has already confessed that match-fixing did indeed go on, so we need not make this the question. Indeed, though, Valve's official communication is quite laughable, and they only keep alienating their community this way. It's surprising to see that Sam from ProDota Cup made up communication with Valve. Definitely a bad move on his side, which complicated the situation. That said, he surely did it out of frustration that he was left in a sticky situation and Valve didn't help him out. He wanted to cover for his ex-Valve friend and therefore said that Valve cleared the players instead of revealing that it was his private investigation that led to no conclusive proof.

Article 3/27/16, 1:45 PM

Well, after PRIES signed TBE, they did decent for them. They didn't seem like a stable team, but still had some good showings. One thing that springs to mind is what an alleged employee at a betting company wrote about PRIES ( "Hello, I work for a betting company and we notice these too in some low tier games, but we can't outright cancel bets as we have no concrete evidence to prove otherwise, other teams we suspect of match fixing are Pries, Yellow Submarine. I forgot the others one but these are the ones on top of my head, don't want to mention other teams since I don't remember if they really are. But usually what happens we get new accounts who spam bet a lot in the last few minutes before tipoff, and ask for deposit afterwards, they're new accounts but are connected to current accounts that we tagged as suspicious and have been warned, we're currently investigating these matters." Here, YeS was also mentioned, so I cannot say for sure that it wasn't the old PRIES line-up that was referred to. But a recent PRIES match was mentioned as suspicious, and bets were refunded. On paper, this line-up doesn't seem hugely impressive. They kept KyH and Mastermind from the old line-up, but I have to admit I don't know the new faces. Sad to see Zenigata go.

Article 3/1/16, 1:55 PM

Yeah, I see the same. I don't think it's likely they'll be top, but they will be quite good. I have seem better teams in previous iterations of Power Rangers, though.

Article 2/18/16, 10:42 AM

I think it's a charming picture. The rash isn't too scary :)

Article 2/17/16, 5:27 PM

Well, they are looking really good at the moment. I think Team Secret will be back in form, though, and beat them.

Article 2/17/16, 2:02 AM