That's a bit bleak, mate. This Virtus.Pro line-up beat both OG and Team Secret at The Summit 4. Also, despite a few teams being favorites, I don't see how you can rule out an upset. The other teams are definitely good enough that it wouldn't have to be a "throw" for that to happen.

Article 2/17/16, 1:34 AM

Well, MaDFroG was always able to pull some really insane stuff in WC3. He always had great micro and often pulled some really clever stuff. I didn't think much about him playing SC2. After all, many players have come back only to dissapoint. However, I saw a game between him and Tarson (, and got really excited. There are some great moments of multi-tasking in there and some very clever micro. It's in the details, really. I think sometimes MaDFroG forgets the bigger picture when he focuses heavily on a single situation, but that kind of beautiful perfection really makes for some nice plays and great entertainment value. He was often a very aggressive player in WC3, making things happen. No doubt that once he gets to know this game better, his weaknesses will decrease greatly and his strenght remain. If he's able to hang on, that is.

Article 12/3/10, 10:28 PM

Ah shame that he has to chance from terran vs zerg to a clean mirror match-up. The former is much more interesting. It seemed that ret was very highly regarded by many in the match-up, but I was never really impressed, although he had a vert effecient (and to me, annoying :D) use of siege tanks. Really looking forward to hearing about the Courage adventure. I must admit that I hope he loses, since I really like that fact that "random" Koreans are way above the foreigners in level, but since he brings something interesting to the foreigner scene, I cannot help but to root for him in a sense. I find it really funny that Castro is apparantly playing top-level Starcraft and servicing customers in a computer café at the same time :D

Article 9/16/09, 9:58 PM

I don't see how anyone could support Blizzard in this. In taking this step to commercialize the game further, they are effectively suffocating the esports scene. That Blizzard should be able to demand a part in the income for the broadcasting of they game might made sense on one level, but considering the reality of esprots today seems to total lunacy. I'm sure that the Starcraft scene is having a hard enough time making things go around already, and with the extra expenses of having to pay Blizzard it might just be too much. I don't see what claim Blizzard could make to those money. Now, if it was just Blizzard wanting to compete in the broadcasting business, that would be fine. Then KespA would probably be overreacting and would seem somewhat silly in trying to keep their monopoly.

Article 9/14/09, 7:20 PM

I don't mean to chime in on the negative voices regarding iNfeRnaL's skill. However, I have often noticed that he has always been spoken quite highly off, even thought it seems that are a lot less known foreign protoss players who play on a higher level. I always found this interesting. From the replays of him I watched, I wasn't too impressed. I did see some quite good stuff now and then, though, but just too many mistakes, not enough focus on detail and a lack of tactical creativity (which might just be lack of ability to multitask). Nonetheless, he is a good player even if I don't find him to be a top player, and I'm sure this will be enjoyable to watch (always exciting with European vs Korean). Also, I'm not sure I have watched enough of iNfeRnaL's replays to fully comment on his skills, I just wanted to share the thoughts I've been having. Since I'm always rooting for Germans, Italians and Russians, I hope iNfeRnaL will take this by storm and blow us all away with amazing skill :)

Article 8/26/09, 9:15 PM

Yes, but this is a news website, even if it has other features. The fact that you don't have to put it in the headline, doesn't mean that you shouldn't if you find that makes the best headline.

Article 6/28/09, 9:05 PM

ReY, when you have a news site, you interest in should case should be in making the best headlines, not in trying to conceal the information that visitors should be coming to get.

Article 6/28/09, 8:48 PM

# 18 - I think it's more likely he lost because he wasn't playing too seriously. I haven't watched the game, so I wouldn't be able to tell for sure. However, I do know that Idra is a lot better, and he would most likely just try to go for some quick victories as he doesn't have much time to spare for foreign tournaments. If playing at his best, he certainly shouldn't lose to cheese against weaker opponents. Idra does indeed seem like the top foreigner at the moment, even though the best Chinese are probably about equal to his skill. Nonetheless, this won't keep him from losing games to more average foreigners as he is in no way untouchable. It's just nice that we get to see so much of him even though he's in Korea. He does give a lot to the community, even if his "bad manners" also take something away. # 37 - Don't go to a Starcraft newssite if you don't want spoilers. Of course they'll have an informative title of a newitem. For most of the replays I've watched, I already knew the results as I was watching old matches. And yet, they were still enjoyable to watch. There's plenty of entertainment to be had, in spite of spoilers. I think the upside of talking about things openly beats the downside of know the result of a game (which is why the constant spoiler tags on the teamliquid forums are quite annoying to me).

Article 6/28/09, 8:18 PM