Xiao8 offlane Mu mid Hao carry ZSMJ and KingJ supports

Article 2/24/14, 7:22 AM

but we still dont know if era can play or not since he is sick and that why he didnt go to the D2L vegas tournament

Match 1/11/14, 1:37 PM

anna prosser-robinson

Article 1/10/14, 7:28 PM

VICI getting sylar in... with the amazing due support of FY nd Fenrrir and rotk stepping up they are getting better day by day

Match 12/4/13, 1:42 PM

for me Navi will win since navi always will find a way to reach the finals.. there group stages progress is not good and we all know this but when they are in the play offs they well always find a way Go Na'Vi.

Match 11/24/13, 4:54 PM

Sgima yes but Speed no there old name is Kaipi... and for sigma they were all a tier 1-2 teams from quantic that reached wild card in TI3 mouse tier1

Match 11/24/13, 11:24 AM

this game ended ffs

Match 11/23/13, 6:28 PM

sylar cant play in WPC since he played with rising stars... but he is playing with them in the other competitions

Match 11/22/13, 1:25 PM