Not a fanboy of anything. Just because i have a swedish flag doesnt mean i jerk off to Alliance. I appreciate well thought out dota. Alliance should thank Empire for beating their countrymen? Empire not beating their countrymen, just because they reside from the same country. Well, that is cheating. The way you put it is dumb.

Article 4/8/14, 2:48 PM

Well..yeah. The just way to decide the final slots is by pulling through tiebreaker matches. At some point you need a backup to this option as well. And justly, it should be head to head results. Fastest time may be a tried concept, but it's still the most stupid shit i've ever heard. And i assume the teams feel the same. Fastest time is almost as dumb as drawing straws. If i sounded rude, that wasn't my intention. For me it was evident on how things are supposed to be.

Article 4/8/14, 2:00 PM

As fun as that would be to watch it can't work. I don't see how ruling out a strategy is the best option here. But I like how you are thinking. Im gonna add a silly suggestion. If the first round ties, the next round will be played 3v3 whilst top lane gets locked out. If that won't do it. Then it's a 1v1 showdown mid.

Article 4/8/14, 9:41 AM

In that sense you are absolutely correct. I haven't checked the playoff dates. So yeah, there is a chance that the schedule won't hold. Please, elaborate fastest time rule :) Not quite sure what you mean.

Article 4/8/14, 9:17 AM

Obviously they would play another tiebreaker round. I'm astounded by your comment.

Article 4/8/14, 9:02 AM

So Alliance should be thanking Empire for not throwing a game? Give me a fucking break. Why would Empire let Rox win and have their names stained? It's not the olympic games.

Article 4/8/14, 8:55 AM