How refreshing it is to hear from the village idiot.

Article 1/28/16, 8:54 AM

Most of you chumps are forgetting that Puppey figured out how to play against Alliance back in TI3.

Article 1/16/16, 8:44 PM

Lufthansa is cutting retirement and pension benefits. Basically, they are saying "oh you know that agreement we made regarding your pension. I don't want to do that anymore". So just to clarify, they are not on a strike just because they know they can. They are on a strike because their employer wants to cut costs at the crews expense. I guess it's natural when low cost-airlines takes a big chunk of your market share. Sorry if your feels were offended, but I am 100% sure that the last comment is 100% false.

Article 11/11/15, 8:07 AM

Dear stupid. The flight crew employees are obviously not satisfied about their work environment. Who can blame them. Seems like every airline forces employees to work longer shifts for shit salary. So put your ego aside and show some compassion.

Article 11/10/15, 3:44 PM

Hotel ratings differ depending on what country you travel to. e.g five star hotel in Bratislava may not have the same standards as a five star hotel in Mogadishu.

Article 10/6/15, 6:48 PM

Viva Peru

Article 10/6/15, 4:06 PM

Always the high ping in SEA region. Are Valve's servers deficient or perhaps the country where the servers reside have shitty web infrastructure? Who's to blame?

Article 10/1/15, 12:00 PM

Exactly. Just use a hatchet to defuse a bomb.

Article 9/25/15, 2:05 PM