hexor tweeted dk is not much a threat to alliance and navi...alliance and navi will destroy them by drafting so easily..so dk no chance of winning

Article 10/12/13, 8:21 PM

dk is a faggot and 100% dk will not win ,dk will be just like EHOME loose to navi so easily no swet..and alliance will be the champ 100%

Article 10/12/13, 8:15 PM

same result alliance and navi will face at the end...no chinese teams will win this even that faggot dk. 1.alliance/navi but alliance will be the champ 100% 2. 3. 4.dk stupid teams

Article 10/12/13, 8:14 PM

e[A]sy rarez add navi so alliance will rape navi

Article 10/12/13, 8:12 PM

key of success doom of empire..with doom vs navi ,empire would have chance to win though

Article 10/12/13, 6:13 PM

this game will be cool =D for empire xD

Match 10/12/13, 5:50 PM

easy win by alliance..EE and singsing idiots

Match 10/12/13, 5:12 PM

faggot asshole do you think dk will win idiot 100% no chance to win you fucking asian gtfo dk sucks like asian fuck you

Article 10/12/13, 4:19 PM