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Ya, epic failed from NewB, proven by 2nd game, liquid comeback after falling far behind, Newb can't even take that game after a great lead. Come on, i bet there are tons of finals is better than this, Newb is no match for liquid, i don't even know how they can make it to grand final, there are teams that can fight liquid better. In the last match of the tournament, they were about to win the title, they not only can't performed normally, as a D2 professional team, instead, making mistakes by mistakes. This cannot be accepted. I'm not a fan of any teams, as an audience, spectator, i just wanna enjoy a good game, liquid just overwhelmed Newb, totally. Too easy for liquid.

Article 8/13/17, 4:14 PM

Worst TI final, what a joke, 3-0 straight? I want to watch 5 game in final, at least 4, i have to wait another year for this. Thanks to you fucking Newbee. Like watching pros against kids that just learn how to match making in D2. At least liquid brings some interesting game during their lower bracket journey.

Article 8/13/17, 1:12 PM

fnatic won't go far, but eliminated in group stage is worse than my expectation. They haven't face serious challenge before until now. Changes should be made on the roaster, and they need a good drafter. Can't really see a good chemistry among them.

Article 8/6/17, 4:30 AM

Navi was falling since the old crew (here i mean puppey, funnik, kuroky, etc.) left the team. Until now, no matter how many players comes and goes, Navi still cannot lock their roaster which can deliver results. I'm not a full team D2 fans who watch every game and read every D2 news, but what i can see, many changes has been made, mostly on roaster, but some they keep awhile this while, Dendi and xboct (coach), and you cant just focus on CIS player, not all are willing to join your team. if you cant solve the problem, you have to use another solution, what do important is the result. if you want to stick with something that might be wrong, then you have to bear the consequences, and consequences here is nothing, win nothing. Criticism is unnecessary since im not a fan, i just hope there is another team that can compete with others, to make tournament become more exciting and good to watch.

Article 8/4/17, 7:13 AM

Please tell other kiddo, like i said, i don't care who achieve what mmr. No point saying that to me. By the way, pinoy is famous on making noise, recognized worldwide, kinda disappointed on the number of people commenting there, only kids that comparing mmr to define who can do the talking.

Article 7/8/17, 5:20 PM

I don't give a shit who gets to 10k or 100k mmr, i'm here to see the comment fight. So many kiddo treats mmr is everything, like what's your mmr, low mmr don't talk shit blah blah blah. If you think mmr is something important to you, the one who achieve that is Abed, someone who plays dota for living, and you are just nobody who sitting in front of the pc just to compare your mmr to others, and no matter how low or high your mmr is, you still can't earn a shit by playing dota, you still a loser like others. Grow up, high mmr can't get you something to eat, and you don't need to have certain level of mmr to buy a meal in McDonald. And do remember this, people no need mmr to talk shit, all they need are just a pc with internet connection and basic language level, what's the point of comparing mmr? You don't have to be a cook to know shit is something ain't tasty. By the way, Abed is from Philippine, it's too quiet here, make some noise pinoy, you're good with that, come on! Pinoy pride!

Article 6/28/17, 8:19 PM

I wont expect you can understand, it's something like people thought mmr is everything, but the facts is, it's not, you good, but doesnt mean you good to compete. It's sounds deap, but just a simply statement. I not going to explain further, because i'm not here to convince anyone to anything, so it won't leads to any argument. If you get it then you will know what i mean, if you dont get it, just forget it, as simple as that. We dont waste each other time.

Article 5/18/17, 2:30 PM

Wow, ACE own every professional dota 2 player in China, you fuck with ACE, you can go fuck yourself for the rest of your dota career. Never seen a bully in a civilization? Well here's one, organized bully.

Article 5/18/17, 2:55 AM
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