• Name zmirli nazim
  • Location Algeria
  • Primary game WarCraft 3

lanister's activity

Rape nahi band ho Raha... Sharab cigarette nahi band ho Raha ... Aur chutiyapa khara kar rahe hai PUBG ke bare Mai...... https://tgw.onl/digitalocean/ https://tgw.onl/siteground/ https://tgw.onl/ipage/

Article 4/24/19, 5:06 PM

Jo Jo pubg save Krna chhta hai like krdo taaki samajh aaye kitne log save Krna chhta hai

Article 4/24/19, 5:05 PM

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Article 12/24/13, 8:26 PM

I'd like to see pro-players get together and discuss it. Even if it were a google hangout-style thing, where one of each role discusses the impact of changes on their game. SaintVicious already does something similar on his stream after new patches, and it seems to be well-received. see: http://24hgeek.fr/nexus-5/prix-nexus-5/ & http://24hgeek.fr/galaxy-note-3/

Article 12/10/13, 12:39 AM

Self-advocates are those with intellectual or other disabilities who take control of their own lives, manage their care and resources, and make life and day-to-day decisions without undue influence or control from others. see: http://iphon5s.fr/acheter-iphone-5s-au-meilleur-prix/ & http://iphon6.fr/accessoires-iphone-6/

Article 10/19/13, 8:54 PM

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Article 9/26/13, 12:47 AM

Ca promet un bon week-end, comme d'hab avec les DH :cool: Et je viens de m'apercevoir que Coca et Puzzle jouent, je pensais que c'était qu'une rumeur leur présence pour cette compèt ?! :coeur: http://24hgeek.fr/galaxy-note-3/ & http://iphon5c.com/

Article 9/26/13, 12:35 AM

Respect to Na`Vi from an Alliance fan ! http://24hgeek.fr/lg-optimus-g2/ & http://24hgeek.fr/ipad-mini-2/

Article 9/26/13, 12:25 AM
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