Please relax guys. No need for namecalling here.

Article 3/8/13, 2:18 PM

Congrats s1lv3r [upsidedown] [santa] [^_^] [blush]

Article 1/27/13, 10:44 PM

#4 what he said, also if you have a complaint about an admin please use the support form instead of insulting in comments, thank you. Support form:

Article 1/19/13, 4:54 PM

Alright guys, from now on whoever uses racist comments or offensive comments will get locked. Racism is not welcome on this site nor is harrassing/insulting. Calm down and try to keep the conversations civil. Thank you

Article 12/17/12, 8:30 PM

Since people can't stay civil and discuss the news normally I'm locking this comment section. Like Lilthug said, if you have proof that he maphacked, do let us know, otherwise, keep your opinion to yourself as just like lilthug also said in his comment, it's insulting and that is not tolerated on this site. Please guys try to be a bit more civil from now on in the comment sections. Thank you.

Article 12/8/12, 8:48 PM

Atm I'm playing at monster power 5/6. and I agree with pogdi, they should keep it as is... :/ no need to nerf it tbh but what can u do...there will always be someone moaning and then they nerf it :( I like when a game is hard....and challenging...

Article 10/24/12, 2:18 AM

We have changed the headlines for you. The editors intention was not to start a flamewar between LoL and DotA. Like I said, constructive posts are welcome and we [i]do[/i] listen to our community. If you have any further questions, please pm me or the editor himself. Thank you. *Comment section locked*

Article 9/29/12, 4:17 PM

#58 there is no way for me to help you with that I'm afraid, you'll just have to..well not read that specific section if it doesn't interest you. I don't have a miracle-removal button for one section for you I'm afraid ;P

Article 9/29/12, 3:57 PM