lol not me, but well...yes...but the dude asked me if i could take a pic saying "For my biggest fan, Zeratul!" lol xD I also forgot to mention, we are selling mousepads!! :) it costs 239-299kr.

Article 6/16/07, 8:54 PM

the t-shirts are for sale. they got the GG logo and quotes from Blizzard games. They cost 199 swedish kronor. If you want to buy some and you are on DH, come to us att Hall B, its up the stairs! :)

Article 6/16/07, 8:21 PM

silas too!! to the right =)

Article 6/16/07, 7:52 PM

Well done Firlou and the rest of the engineering team :)

Article 5/21/07, 7:23 AM