• Name Eresea -
  • Location Sweden
  • Date of birth Feb 22, 1987
  • Primary game Overwatch
I have resigned from my position as Moderation Team Leader of GosuGamers. If you need assistance, please pm another administrator, thanks! :) Feel free to follow me on facebook and twitter! Facebook: facebook.com/esports-eresea Twitter: @Eresea_87

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xD lol

Article 7/2/13, 8:55 PM

Hey, you can read about it in the support forums that we have :) However I may as well reply to you here that we are aware of the issue and the developers are working on a fix ASAP :)

Article 5/24/13, 10:39 AM

There is a forum for it.. :) http://www.gosugamers.net/forums/forum/37-suggestions-ideas/ There's also a technical forum if you find bugs etc: http://www.gosugamers.net/forums/forum/166-technical-issues/

Article 5/24/13, 8:24 AM

Nice feedback, thank you :)

Article 5/18/13, 9:32 PM

Hello everyone, We are aware that some people don't like the new site and some people do. This is something that everyone can expect. Back when the v1 of GosuGamers started, some ppl hated it as well, and some loved it.. just like now. Most of the time it has to do wiht the fact that members have to learn how to navigate through the new site :) This takes time of course, but it's like that on every site that makes big changes. The reason we made these changes were to improve the site and it has a lot more and better features now than our old version. It just takes time getting used to :) Also you should know that this is not the "final product". We will keep adding new things, improving and adding new features as the time goes :) When it comes to the forums we hope to have them up and running ASAP. We apologise for the inconvenience! When it comes to constructive feedback, we appriciate all of it! Thank you and keep it coming :) Kind regards, Eresea, Crew Lead

Article 5/18/13, 8:33 PM

#31 Hopefully it wont take too long :) I look forward to the new site, it looks awesome I can promise you that ;) *excited* [upsidedown] #24 Any change is hard to get used to really, but you'll get the hang of it rather fast I'm sure ;)

Article 5/15/13, 11:05 PM

Please everyone the only language allowed on our site is English (Apart from PM's, guestbook entries and your own profile). Don't write non-english posts :) Thanks!

Article 4/29/13, 2:48 PM

Please stop insulting in these comments.. Thank you :)

Article 4/10/13, 4:56 PM
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