or basically with every esport that has bigger tournaments

Article 7/12/13, 9:39 PM

Team 8 oh yea! Took them quite some time to finally find a sponsor.

Article 7/12/13, 6:35 PM

that's quite awesome

Article 7/12/13, 6:31 PM

Please do not reply to lubacos' flame baiting. It's obviously a troll. Thank you.

Article 7/10/13, 1:25 PM

well, they don't have to revert all of the changes, but nerfing his ult and his Q was obviously enough, so just change buff him a little to a middle thingy between pre- and post nerf, imo

Article 7/4/13, 6:24 PM

They pick up a lot of jungler after having the presumingly best jungler, and then he's the one switching position;d weird, but maybe he grew stale of the jungle

Article 6/28/13, 3:54 AM

#2, I am not familiar with playing akali and the name of her skills, but the cooldown reduction is for her ultimate's jump, or not? So that's quite the buff, imo>_>'

Article 5/17/13, 9:09 PM

I don't get why they buff akali ;/ she always seems so damn strong already..

Article 5/17/13, 12:19 PM