• Name kiesloswky Ayasca Esquives
  • Location Peru
  • Primary game Dota 2

kiesloswky's activity


Match 9/7/15, 6:52 PM

Score kills guys?

Match 2/21/15, 4:35 AM

Same problem :( lose 4keys

Match 2/7/15, 1:25 AM

the last game "Not today" lost play in Luxembourg where they had 300ms lag Go NoToday ez

Match 11/20/14, 10:58 PM

revenge play bad by internal problems masoku(retired) and benjaz(noteam)

Article 5/14/14, 6:17 PM

Isurus1-9 (MUFC comeback Kappa)

Article 5/14/14, 3:24 PM


Match 5/14/14, 2:23 PM

Ez game for Revenge.

Match 5/12/14, 12:06 AM
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