• Name Achmad Yusuf Hanif Fajri
  • Location Indonesia
  • Date of birth Jul 1, 1994
  • Primary game DotA
Sometimes, you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.. I often have failed to refine.. But, i don't want to failed to be with you.. I also lost so many my dreams.. As long as it wasn't you You always be my precious, the best thing i ever knew.. Dear My Half Heart.. I Love You! I Need You!

venelope's activity

HOHO XAXA sad news for navi fanboys

Article 6/3/15, 9:46 PM

RIP my bets on mouz

Article 5/29/15, 4:33 AM

Lod[A] is back???

Article 4/29/15, 12:55 PM

Magrider :(

Article 3/9/15, 3:29 AM

el classico ~

Match 3/1/15, 10:18 AM

postponed game?

Match 2/28/15, 9:17 PM

ez for ^^DragonFist^^

Match 12/5/14, 6:20 AM

look at game 2, swindlemelonzz and limmp used LC? both used LC? wtf?

Match 12/1/14, 12:26 PM
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