Nice attemp ;DD Except ppl already have aligulac and your silver analyses is not required in 2016 Edit : Ptitdrogo top 5 = OK gl bb hf

Article 3/1/16, 6:12 PM

How it's going nydra? Did your efforts to make this shit into e-sports succeed? Oh wait ;DDD They didn't and never will, but i can recommend you to pay attension to the game called Paladins cuz it's 3 times better then shittywatch and obviously has much more potential to become e-sports, gl!

Article 2/17/16, 3:44 AM

The problem in Na'VI is Na'VI itself and Dendimon is on the first place -_-

Article 1/12/16, 6:57 PM

I wonder where are all pinoy trash are hiding right nau?????? I remember they were so vocal last time when minoobski qualified.

Article 1/9/16, 11:16 PM

Typical NA dumb noob... WHERE THE FUCK you got that info from??? ;DDDDDDDD MVP.PH played tiebreaker vs Mineski-X = valve does not accept rofl ;DD nice joke.

Article 1/8/16, 10:55 PM

You may suggest everything you wish, but if go? who will post ANY opinion about this article/game/blizzard shitgames? Cuz from i see there's no1 here except me and you =/// Propably shows the amount of ppl who actually care about those awesome games you are making into eSports(jk no it will never happen) ;D

Article 12/4/15, 9:33 PM

Every time i read your i have a feeling "yeah boys this shit is serious business" and when i realize " It is the typical paid article about "new" "awesome" Blizzard Deadgames game like Hots with 2k viewers at prime time and my hopes that someday some REAL game will emerge are ruined again and again...

Article 12/4/15, 8:59 PM

HAHA overwatch bets myass ;DDD nice try Nydra maybe in 100 years you will make this shitty game into esports ;DDD

Article 12/4/15, 2:16 PM