• Name Ilja Brr
  • Location Russian Federation
  • Primary game Dota 2

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Oh, retarded autist clariska ;D U're still alive and spreading bullshit? All those SEAN 3rd worls trashes already gone from here, u should follow.

Article 11/25/17, 12:55 AM

Absolutely stupid system, since greece/Finland is participating those "organizers" can just give trophy to Ad Finem or Finstack w/o any tournament.

Article 8/23/16, 6:14 PM

Much weaker squad then before - 2 months maximum. Fn - trash, Iceberg - kinda good, Mag - washed up trash, Fng - no comments, cema - trash.

Article 8/23/16, 6:09 PM

Verynice preset obviously NOT RIGGED voting :) Na'Vi is still shit, and to all the fanboys hoping - nope they are not bacn and will never be, enjoy.

Article 3/20/16, 6:33 PM

Very Nice!! 6 new cards 2 of which is TRASH TIER and will never be used anywhere (Hoarder/Doomsayer) another one(Healbot) might suit some kind of midrange deck and other 3 are some very QUESTIONABLE value only with deck based around c' tun(10 mana card rofl) which actually seems like non-viable JUNK.

Article 3/12/16, 3:38 AM

and what if i tell you my dear stupid pinnoy, That atleast i'm better then Handshskin?? I have HIGHTER mmr then that noobshit and the only reason he is in team is cuz Dota Scene is a friend based Joke compared to Leag of Legends where are mostly players WHO actually GOT SKILL playing in good teams???

Article 3/5/16, 12:41 AM

I wonder where are idiots like you are born??? OH! I KNOW - IN SEA and YOU are fucking TYPICAL SEAN who thinks that i give a fuck about VP/SPIRIT and OFC you are fucking wrong(seans don't have brain - we all know that from the past, especially pinoy ones) Cuz i placed BOTH as top 12-16 in my compendium and i was ALMOST right and it would've been true if CHINA played atleast at 70% of their real skill - which they failed to do ;DD

Article 3/4/16, 6:13 PM

U can add FNC/Complexity to the eliminated from the torunament list already ;D Thought Both unexpectedly put a good show(jk no, china teams was beyond trash this tournament that's why such scrubs managed to advance)

Article 3/3/16, 9:42 PM
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