• Name KKX Torment
  • Location Singapore
  • Date of birth Apr 6, 1996
  • Primary game Dota 2
Medium skilled Dota 2 player interested in the competitive scene. I can speak English, Basic Chinese and Singlish (it's a Singaporean thing)

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This IO arcana meme campaign is full of bullshit. Voting for juggernaut just to vote against Io. Sure, I'm curious as to what Valve would do if Io really gets an arcana, but I won't buy it, and I'm fairly sure many wouldn't do so as well. Juggernaut may have a lot of cosmetics already, but screw that floating ball of light.

Article 8/1/16, 11:59 AM

CTY did face visa issues - but that was last year. He isn't in Ehome anymore..

Article 7/28/16, 4:18 PM

I'm definitely surprised by this move... but then again, given the lack of results Meracle had for the past two years, I guess he needed to do something. I'll be looking forward to seeing how Mineski fare from now.

Article 7/19/16, 2:10 PM

Fantastic 4 (xboct) Kappa.

Article 3/28/16, 7:04 AM

Hope Cty goes back to mid. He's a solid carry player, but I miss the times when he was playing solo mid for VG 3 years ago and for Ehome during TI5. I think Burning isn't that good anymore, but as long as he keeps his shit together I think VG has solid core players. Hope Fy stays on VG + one more good support player, maybe MMY.

Article 3/11/16, 3:05 PM

I'm not exactly a WinteR fan, but it upsets me whenever he tries to talk but the other analysts keep rambling on, especially on the first two days of the group stage :(

Article 8/2/15, 5:03 PM

If only Newbee wasn't the defending champion... They definitely won't get invited to TI5.

Match 6/8/15, 3:55 PM

Welp. I used to be a fan of Meracle when I saw his naga games... too bad he turned out to be another cocky kid with shit attitude. Disappointed.

Article 5/31/15, 5:08 AM
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