AUI position 1 chen got this, EE sama will be position 2

Match 12/17/13, 12:29 AM

Z h o u ^_^,V,,

Match 12/4/13, 7:31 PM

Necro can countered by dominator,BKB i don't see that item will staying on the trend for a long time

Match 10/25/13, 11:25 AM

I like the IO sun strike, its so funny

Article 9/27/13, 7:30 PM

just get Visage, sure win Xtinct Visage "best in the world"

Article 9/22/13, 2:11 PM

anyone wanna bet how many times rOtk will feed. my bet is 10+/game

Match 9/22/13, 9:27 AM

Black went to china so that he can play with his IDOL more... Burning

Article 9/22/13, 6:32 AM

iceiceice looks like a zombie, make sure he ate enough brains before the match so that he can perform better... ^_^

Article 9/22/13, 5:55 AM