what language or CMS on front end (webdeveloper)

Article 5/28/15, 6:45 PM

dude its better, i don't mind spending some $ for a compendium just to watch quality games, instead of watching boring tear 3 teams tournament.

Article 4/25/15, 1:15 PM

please make enchantress impetus goes to magic immune if she has ags, enchantress is mu favorite hero, I hate the current meta no enchantress.

Article 4/18/15, 5:59 AM

You cant spell FEED without EE

Article 12/8/14, 2:34 PM

the rats are cornered. now they know how 1 dimensional they are....

Article 11/11/14, 10:12 AM

did you forgot his OP lifestealer

Article 7/25/14, 3:04 PM

Fuck this article, I can't even imagine the scenario. this is to extreme and giving DOTA a bad impression and you guys still post it here.

Article 3/11/14, 2:36 AM

actually you cant deny that the tongfu during the TI3 is a strong team, and said to be the anti-chinese team.

Article 3/9/14, 12:31 PM