hooray hobost!

Article 11/28/15, 12:10 AM


Article 11/7/15, 12:47 PM

hmmm.. a chinese retiring.. there's nothing new here.. moving along..

Article 11/7/15, 12:38 PM

2 inch dickie japanese

Article 11/5/15, 9:34 AM

eg so cocky, even showing swag in their names instead of delivering results, i wish they lose all their games

Match 10/17/15, 7:47 AM

he's not russian i think, he's a coward hiding under other people's flag. he doesn't have friends and 12 yr old pinoys are raping his ass all the time in pub causing all this hate.

Article 10/14/15, 1:38 AM

sea teams winning in perfect world is hard as shit.

Article 7/23/15, 6:49 AM

yep..nobody cares..

Article 7/22/15, 6:00 PM