who tried to be the boss?

Article 5/21/13, 8:39 AM

it's because the youth in your country doesn't give f*** about dota, that's why they did not vote your dota team.

Article 5/21/13, 8:24 AM

chinese dota is farm dota..too boring

Article 5/21/13, 7:12 AM

so much hate on pinoys

Article 5/21/13, 6:44 AM

go Dreamz! Minesk! tiwala lang bus yan!!!

Article 5/21/13, 1:35 AM

cookiemonster is the flamestarter

Article 5/14/13, 2:32 AM

we will be seeing a troll wearing a bikini in Seattle on TI3 [:P]

Article 5/3/13, 1:07 PM

go Mineski! kick chinese ass [:P]

Article 5/3/13, 12:08 PM