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pachichi848's activity

they will leave one by one and form EG.SEA :D lelz

Article 11/12/14, 6:40 PM

too bad for you.. your ignored.. you can talk to my hand if you want.. :D

Match 10/23/14, 9:48 PM

If your a decent person why comment on an idiot pinoy. don't get in their level. it only made you an idiot also. FYI if one singaporean is an idiot its does not mean all singaporean are idiots please don't generalize everything I salute those maids you bash. Not all people are born rich like you. They do i for their family not for them. Instead of humiliating them you must be thankful of your status and without them where can you find maids who will take care of your childrean and house if your parents busy in your business. peace bro.

Article 6/10/14, 8:03 PM

oh what cause the hate??? as if all singaporeans are perfect there are still sluts in your place just to make a living. they are better than you racist idiot who only thinks he's superior instead of doing something to help them get out of that situation. People like you is the cancer in this world like the corrupt officials and terrorist compared to the people you called maids. My middle finger salute you!

Article 6/10/14, 6:24 PM

cris mineski is just a troll dont reply that attention seeker

Article 3/21/14, 4:54 PM

go xctn! :D too bad there's a typhoon. :(

Article 3/21/14, 3:22 PM

what? hahaha jhoven can't even lift his team in class A. Haven't you watch jhoven in sina cup. Julz can handle that situation easily compared to jhoven.

Match 2/25/14, 5:15 PM

players have good times and badtimes. Julz>joven anytime if julz is back in his form. jhoven is great but mineski knows julz has more potential. cause Julz with another team is the a team and is the downfall again of mineski. just saying julz without a team is mineski #1 in the philippines. and "magbarkada si julz jay at owa" maybe that's also one of the reason

Match 2/25/14, 4:47 PM
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