Really stupid to pick Magnus so early on. Hero is so easily countered mid and a no blink Mag is a useless Mag.

Match 11/23/13, 1:38 AM

Let's be honest, that is basically a bye.

Article 11/13/13, 11:31 AM

Well played by Na'vi, did not see this coming. And holy hell Azarkon's made like 10 posts in this thread already rofl. You need to calm down bro, it's just a game. You got all hyped up when Tongfu beat Na'vi, now you're gettin all up in here again when it goes the other way. I now know why people don't like Azarkon.... Take a deep breath and stop trying to create drama.

Match 7/1/13, 7:19 PM

My point is that Orange lost the series after they lost game 1. Orange has one playstyle that they favor heavily and that's all out aggresion split/5man-pushing. It was working pretty well game 1, but Hao's AM and Tongfu's late game prowess completely countered it. Orange must have realized that their strategy wasn't going to work for them against Tongfu, so they switched things up. It's almost as Tongfu "forced" them to play out of their comfort zone because of Tongfu's superior execution. You can't really blame Orange for Tongfu for knowing how to coutner Orange's single playstyle.

Article 6/28/13, 10:54 PM

Can you seriously stop underestimating Tongfu? They played extremely well and you can't say a positive thing about them. Did you see game one at all? They went for their aggresive push strategy with LD in game 1, but Tongfu are just the masters of the turtle and saving for the late game. The ultimate 4 protect 1 team. Orange probably realized they couldnt handle Tongfu's turtle and wanted to chill back and play safer. You're acting like Tongfu didn't force their hand at all. In all honesty, this was more Tongfu's doing than Orange's, but you act like you understand exactly what's going on inside Orange's head. You got issues, man....

Article 6/28/13, 10:38 PM

Where did you hear Na'vi owned LGD and DK in scrims? Pretty sure it was the other way around...

Match 6/28/13, 10:26 PM

I play with Arteezy in the ixdl NA inhouse league and let me tell you, Arteezy is an extremely talented and skilled player. He is, without a doubt, the best solo mid player, or top 3 at least, solo mid players in NA. He\'s very young and lacks competitive experience, but he has an immense amount of potential. Ask anyone like Bulba, Fear, or other NA dota pros and they\'ll vouch for Arteezy. Just wait and see, you\'ll see what this guy can do.

Article 4/29/13, 8:40 PM