Believe the only time s4 was first blooded mid at TI3 was from Super. Will be an interesting matchup to see indeed, but s4 has to get his mojo back, a lot of his cores were nerfed heavily (Bat and mag) and I feel as if he hasn't just been the same since.

Match 12/8/13, 6:11 AM

ggwp, well deserved Speed gaming

Match 11/25/13, 4:56 AM

If it is a throw, kinda lose some respect for DK, I'm sure they still have their reasons though.

Match 11/24/13, 4:48 AM

They're probably playing serious, they're just playing heroes they're uncomfortable with rofl. Burning Ursa is really underwhelming.

Match 11/24/13, 4:39 AM

Guess we now know the secret to knocking Alliance out of a tournament. Simply insult Loda at the beggining and get him to rage on twitter, ez winz.

Match 11/23/13, 11:21 PM

Biggest game of the tournament. Loser of this game is basically out.

Match 11/23/13, 10:33 PM

The "IG" curse strikes!

Match 11/23/13, 9:05 PM

Na'vi looking pretty bad this tournament...DK should take this

Match 11/23/13, 6:46 PM