Standin dota best dota. First MLG now D2L. No one should even form teams anymore just build a team right before a major tournament and you'll win.

Match 1/9/14, 4:49 AM

rotk's clockwerk is actually pretty good. It might be the one hero that negates all rotk's faults in the early/laning stage.

Match 1/9/14, 2:40 AM

Holy shit that's a Yao invoker.

Match 1/9/14, 12:05 AM

Both teams are so bad rofl, Trixi's playing well at least. You can tell both these teams are dealing with roster issues.

Match 1/8/14, 3:08 AM

Agree with the storm ban, but while mobile heroes and mobility is still key, the days of raw split pushing (without prophet) at least are over for Alliance.

Match 1/8/14, 12:23 AM

How do those heroes deal with VG's style at all though? Neither of those heroes are particularly as good as NP at trading towers and split pushing while 5 manning and VG will just deathball, 5 -man push all your towers. Prophet has the advantage of being able to split push and then join a teamfight at anytime with his ultimate (as well as delaying creep pushes with his ultimate) and his tp spell. But, clinkz and weaver might be able to accomplish stuff, but they need massive farm before becomign real nuisances and VG will just 5 man take all your towers (Like we saw in game 2). Alliance realizes that without prophet, they need to face VG head-on or else a repeat of game 2 will just happen.

Match 1/8/14, 12:14 AM

I don't think you can run split push without prophet in the current metagame. Even DK relies heavily on that hero to execute their split push strats. I think Alliance has no choice. If they try drafting split push, they'll get pressured heavily by VG's 5 man drafts. Alliance probably wants to take VG head on 5v5 rather than let VG take all your towers and depend on some iffy lategame especially without prophet.

Match 1/8/14, 12:00 AM

That's pretty unfair to the Chinese teams. Same thing happened with Na'Vi at Alienware. You slowly saw them adapt their picks to the Chinese style and it really improved their results. Assuming that Speed is playing less passive just because they feel like it is a bad assumption. We don't know how their scrims are going. Perhaps their old aggressive were not working anymore against the Chinese because they had adapted to Speed's style. Maybe they have no choice but to switch things up in China. You never know. Speed is obviously doing the things they do for a reason and when they get back to the West, they may figure things out again for themselves.

Match 12/27/13, 7:44 AM