Maybe is pretty good, but the rest of CDEC still need a lot of work, especially that Skywrath. That guy just runs in and YOLO dies.

Match 1/6/15, 8:19 AM

mouz has no idea how to play late game at all.

Match 7/12/14, 11:38 PM

Big items coming on LGD, Shiva's on enigma, now, AM still top net worth though.

Match 7/12/14, 11:31 PM

Throw seems unlikely, because EG would give up a secure top 2 for only a chance for Alliance to go through, seeing as they'd have to tiebreak with LGD. Garfield can't be that dumb.

Match 7/12/14, 8:19 PM

Wonder if EG will throw on purpose against Alliance so their fellow organization gets through.

Match 7/12/14, 8:09 PM

WP Na'Vi

Match 7/12/14, 6:59 PM

Man what happened to EGM's siren???

Match 1/19/14, 8:29 PM

Too bad LGD gonna reshuffle (or at least thats what the rumor is, who knows).

Match 1/9/14, 8:46 AM