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It depends on whether 'retirement' voids a contract. For instance players like lanm and burning whose contract probably already ran out, they are free to do as they like after retirement. However some like xiao8 still has a binding contract running and the only reason he has no obligation to newbee is because the club let him 'retire'. However conflict of interest arises if xiao8 is fighting against newbee after he 'retires' or even representing some other brand when in fact he still owes newbee performance of contract.

Article 10/27/14, 11:37 PM

isnt this the one with crowdsourcing? i think it reach 500k+ rmb. no idea how it works though

Article 7/24/14, 7:55 AM

Not to mention its a chinese organization owned by chinese !!! omg

Article 1/29/14, 5:27 AM

Great with pc bang participation as part of the whole league, hopefully dota2 will start growing fast in korea. ti4 qualifiers maybe?

Article 1/23/14, 3:11 PM

I find this pinoy vs americans matchup on korean soil to be hilarious and looking forward to it.

Article 1/22/14, 3:14 PM

So basically he posted a reply that did not contradict lgd in any way regarding the details except on the 'motivation in his mind' 'but the communication was problematic and it was hard to explain the idea of teambuilding and that it was for the friendship and trust that he was meant for' - So he did tell LGD it was a coach I guess. 'I disliked and found the static schedule system unneccesary' - So u expect ppl to pay u to work as u like. Man I love to work where they live. ' how could we solve it and make it better for everyone' - Learn from Fnatic. 'felt there was no other choice for me' - so says every criminal. Too defensive. Especially considering LGD interview was very diplomatic and was not even meant for westerners.

Article 1/16/14, 8:11 PM

omg. how did zephyr ever get chobra as a manager. That guy is superb and perfect for them. Im pretty sure hes very busy with his ogn duties. iirc he only gets special leave for major events like blizzcon etc. gratz on getting him.

Article 1/14/14, 5:40 PM

its to do with brax im sure -_-. they woukld only have trouble among the 3 senior members. To black and xfreedom its still a very new experience.

Article 12/13/13, 6:13 PM
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