Match 3/20/15, 6:04 AM

9th compared to 13th? Dude don't clown yourself. Let Brewmaster and Azarkon only be the clowns.

Article 3/19/15, 5:24 PM

Blame the infrastructure. Their players alone(not to mention zenith and orange only scrimmed against each other prior to ti)reached 3rd place twice at ti tells you how shitty america is even with big sponsors.

Match 2/4/15, 4:26 AM

Fact= Dendi never beat Mushi for the past 3 years

Article 2/3/15, 6:00 PM

Honey, it was inflame. Mushi only drafted for yesterday;s games, not today.

Match 1/30/15, 8:31 AM

Not sure why they always lose to malaysian teams.

Match 1/14/15, 10:30 AM

All of em agreed to play on PW server. It was a good decision though coz they can play against chinese teams. This kind of opportunity is very hard to come by.

Article 1/10/15, 9:59 PM

Sigh what's wrong with the big god. Anyway, 2nd game INV played really great. well deserved.

Match 1/10/15, 7:44 AM