No,Mushi is currently the drafter for DK.

Match 12/25/13, 12:13 PM

Nice sarcasm.

Match 12/23/13, 7:13 PM

Oh what a surprise, your posts mostly dissing Mushi for his aggressiveness and non-stop gang rape toward your favorite players.

Article 12/20/13, 1:31 AM

Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. Mushi is Mushi,no one can replace him.

Article 12/19/13, 5:06 PM

Who said VG is the best team in China?I'm certain that chinese team can beat each other. DK,TF,IG,LGD and even VG.

Match 12/18/13, 4:13 PM

4 of them already won USD287k/5. Mineski has yet to prove anything other than the hype of the pinoy pride.

Article 12/18/13, 11:37 AM

Once again Orange impressed me with their performances,hopefully they can sustain the momentum and send NaVi home. They did to 2 powerhouse teams from China,why not Navi too. Best of luck Orange,make me proud.

Match 8/11/13, 6:29 AM

Orange is underrated by most of europeans and chinese but hell they don't give a fine f***. If they play like this they can even send A or NAVI home. I totally agree with dota056,only team that have gut can win,that was one of the best games i've ever seen in TI3..WP Orange.

Match 8/10/13, 11:34 PM