• Name arash radmehr
  • Location Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Primary game Dota 2

arashdendi's activity

yeah i agree with you its just so funny that team who won 4 majors couldnt reach this tourney :D

Article 10/26/17, 4:56 PM

no OG Lmao

Article 10/20/17, 12:02 PM

cant w8 for this match i really want to see new Faze roster in action

Match 8/22/17, 4:52 PM

its good to see some good pro articles in gosugamers i really enjoyed reading this thx

Article 6/13/17, 11:58 PM

Best comment ever

Article 6/23/16, 10:15 PM

every time i check a post i see you blame it and you say bad things about it i dont know why you do that but its not a good habbit mate GL WITH YOUR Disease

Article 12/16/15, 4:30 AM

nowadays we face two different Wrong mind of Islam in world 1)countires like saudi arabia which distortion islam and give people indulgence mind of islam in this country you will find somethings that are really frill like execution with truncation adn not let peopel to vote and dont let woman drive car 2) countries like Turkey which distortion islam and deletion many islam roles that abatement their job . So for finding a True Islam you must study and verify Thanks for listening hope you have a good life ;)

Article 11/11/15, 7:15 PM

my friend you didnt understand my meaning i meant that Islam belived that Woman are more emotional than men and for this it give thme some protecting roles and thats not limit thats protection i didnt mean that all EU or US woman are prostitute thats a terrible sentence in fact i meant that if you dont protect woman they will easily used by some animals in human form ( you know what i mean) for flesh and rut and about otehr thing i dont meant that there are no law against men in EU or US who hurt their wives i meant that all ill incantaion that western country do against Islam is not true and we have same law against those men who hurt their wives ty for listening

Article 11/11/15, 4:42 PM
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