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Sorrynomore's activity

It is because NA players/teams are declining. China teams are dominating because most best players come from China. In fact, about 70% best pro players in this damn dota world are Chinese. Dimitri Vallette is right. Some teams wouldn't exist without multiple ownership. Multiple teams ownership gives more opportunities to dota 2 players. Therefore, it comes to the bottom line where low skill players/teams are competing in TI scenes. I'd better watch Momoland than TIs. You know the worst/funny thing in dota 2 is team's flag representation. Here comes EG with only 1 pure NA player in their team representing NA with its american flag. LOL. Why not use different symbols rather than flags. It doesn't make sense. That's why I love Chinese teams. Most teams have all pure Chinese players in their teams. It's so awkward to cheer, "North America! NA! NA!" during the event where the players in that team are not Americans. ROFL!

Article 6/5/18, 11:52 PM

After NA teams underperformance since 2016, they still get more direct invites than other more deserving teams. Seems like Valve can’t spell out ‘Fairness’.

Article 4/13/18, 6:59 PM

EG is not even popular nowadays. Maybe you mean EG is popular in failing major tournament since 2015. They just have won minor tournaments because of mysteroius direct invite by Valve. Lol.

Article 4/13/18, 6:52 PM

Group A is soooo stacked. LOL. No wonder OPtic gets DPC easily and qualify the TI. Hahahha

Article 4/13/18, 6:34 PM

This is American way. What a shame Valve! Is this how desperate you are to let NA team take DPC easily? Can’t play fair. These GESC shitty tournament were already scandalous. That’s why I stopped playing dota2 two years ago. Dota 2 prioritizes american teams. You guys should wake up!

Article 4/13/18, 6:31 PM

Valve is really trying hard to put EG in direct invites. Even if EG is underperforming throughout this year. So that they can gain DPC easily and can qualify in the TI. Glad they don’t put Optic and COL again. It would be very obvious how unfair Valve is. Hahaha. To be fair, Secret deserves better than EG.

Article 4/11/18, 8:32 PM

I agree. It's Valve's fault. These Valve minions don't even ask themselves why Valve took out PRO CIRCUIT points for qualifying in TI8 in this event. Besides, it's for betterment of the players not to use Metamphetamine. I hope they are aware of its negative effects. Using Metamphetamine can lead to death. If Fallout Gaming can make this event happen, then why Valve cannot? That is the main issue.

Article 1/9/18, 7:03 PM

Your point actually nullifies your own point, you're telling Philippines, as a country, to follow other country's laws while ignoring it's own law. That's stupid! Philippines has it's own law which is against methamphetamine. Who the hell are you to tell the Philippines to follow other countries laws? Each country has its own sovereignty. Valve should respect that. Besides, I hope you are well-educated enough and aware that using Methamphetamine can lead to death. By the way, are you some kinda expert lawmaker? or just a 1k mmr talking shits about law. LOL. Put down your weed bro! The Philippines will not change its policy just because of this event.

Article 1/9/18, 6:44 PM
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