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Just in case someone is interested in an interview with the head admin about this please follow this link: http://www.mymym.com/en/news/16958.html Little preview: How will WDC differ from your previous tournament, EEDC? Will you be offering anything new, unseen in other tournaments? Beast_Pete: Yes, of course. I always try to come up with something new. WDC will have a Champion, just like boxing organizations do (WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF), but with the difference of it unifying all the champions (MYM, F4F, ADC etc. ) as one. There will be Elimination Bouts (small tournaments) with the top teams of the World Rankings every 2nd-3rd month, and the winner gets to challenge the WDC Champion for a - hopefully - high prize money. That's how I wish to make sure the Champion is always the best, and that they are motivated in defending their title.

Article 11/5/09, 5:27 PM

#39: What is your statement based on? Count the number of news within the last 30 days on myMYM. Or count the numbers of interviews and feature articles. You will notice that you get every day so much content that you actually need sometimes a lot of time to read it all. If you wanna go ahead, just count on myMYM and GG and compare the numbers. Then please re consider your bold statement. And another question: Who talked about 'fault'? :)

Article 11/1/09, 7:29 PM

#15 jihox (GosuCrew): Congratulations for yet another disrespectful comment filled with arguments that don't hold trying to put a bad light on myMYM.com - I'm gonna award you soon if you manage to post more of those comments whenever you see the opportunity. Now you even managed to make me reply on this here. You are talking here about the 'myMYM community' and their cocky attitude but don't even mention what you actually mean with that. First of all this interview is done with an editor who does neither represent a whole community nor its way of thinking or behavior. Secondly, did you ever think about that both, myMYM and GG, share probably almost the same user base which means the same community. This means you call a huge percentage of your community cocky?! Your fanboy 'argument' is totally made up out of thin air and nothing at all to do with the topic. Despite to that, what is the matter with fanboys. Aren't we all fanboys of some players or team? I think you also need to read news more carefully on myMYM as they are almost always written in a neutral way nor are the MYM players put much in focus. As it was said in the interview and as many people agree on, people visit myMYM because of the quality of news and also of the quantity of news. To say your community is bigger then myMYM because of the reason you are more educated is just beyond belief. Just to remind you again: we share both more or less the same reader base. Let me enlighten you: The true reason why GG is the bigger page right now is that after the company which owned myMYM, the biggest English speaking news page back then, went bankrupt users had to find a new place to stay as no one didn't produce any content anylonger on myMYM. GG was there, offered services similar myMYM did, though on a way lower level of quality and quantity. Due to the growing user base new and better editors could be hired and people remained here. Also remained due to the fact that there wasn't really any alternative to read news on. Now suddenly an alternative is offered again that continues where it stopped half a year ago, offering again high quality content and also doesn't miss on news. And when I talk about quality, just think about why the fragster.de editor asked in the interview only to GG if they actually have someone to proofread their content. But please don't get me wrong, GG is doing a good job those days and of course deserve to be as big as they are. Just respect myMYM and how they do things or aren't you able to accept the fact that there can be actually two active news pages for DotA content? Be real sportsman buddy, treat others fair and think twice before you judge them in public, which is a pretty unprofessional behavior after all. Thanks for your consideration.

Article 11/1/09, 7:04 PM

aww crow!

Article 10/19/09, 12:25 AM

Eryc just told us (myMYM.com) that he considers to give myMYM.com tomorrow on Thursday a statement which might clear up the whole case.

Article 10/7/09, 2:59 PM


Article 3/5/09, 7:17 PM

Yeah you right Raistlin, overall maybe nothing changes :D

Article 1/13/09, 5:33 PM

#19: Are there also already qualified players allowed again? I mean, imagine: mTw sends a player there, they pay his trip and all, and he doesn't qualify then in the qualifier no 5... it would be so bad for them. But there will be still that online qualifier that gives only 1 spot...

Article 1/13/09, 5:22 PM
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