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i bet you waited so long for that headline haha

Article 6/25/18, 3:09 PM

We are talking about the organizer here not the audience and as far as this article goes it seems like they are trying to improve the system for the sake of us, the players and them too ofc (pointing towards business aspect here). Too bad for you they can't change how the audience feels or thinks.

Article 4/27/18, 4:48 PM

wp President Trump...lol jk

Article 7/22/17, 7:35 PM

I wouldn't say that if I'd be you. If you look how Net play carry you will know why. His farming skill is kinda good but his carry decision making in late game is poor, frequently over-extending team fights, ended up the whole team get punished by the opponent side and also always got caught farming alone . As for Mushi, I understand he's not performing at his peak for now but he is undoubtedly the better carry player imo, balanced aggression, excellent at farming and more experienced carry too, hence better composure. But I never blame for his rustiness, I believe the last time (correct me if i am wrong) he used carry is about 4 years ago which is at the time he is in MUFC, against LGD as Lifestealer. Even then, that was a surprise pick, he was still positioned a hard support at that time. He's a great supporter, much better than 343 imo. I even rate him internationally tier 1 as a support.

Article 3/29/16, 3:54 PM

That's just Gosucrew hinting new Philipine server.

Article 3/29/16, 11:09 AM

These Indians really got their hopes up high..fnatic just 3-0 mvp btw :)

Match 3/28/16, 2:15 PM

wp fnatic game 1...but net's spec is mediocre at best, Midone and dj bought him so much space. They need Mushi back, he is more reliable carry even recently out of form and Net's supp skill is much greater than 343 imo.

Match 3/28/16, 12:07 PM

no one really, their pre-Major performance is just mediocre at best.

Article 2/25/16, 1:49 PM
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