wangwang got dogged , not cool.

Article 4/6/13, 5:30 AM

need moar invites, lumi LD and ayEsee`

Article 4/4/13, 6:41 PM

hi iceiceice, do u even lift brah?

Article 4/3/13, 9:23 PM

its over for DK, other than rOTK (only seen him play from time to time), 4 other dudes dont even play dota2 at all, look at pub matches there is always players from ig,vg,tongfu, lgd,fl.. etc playing on the first page, Unfortunately DK isnt one of them, i doubt they even play dota2 at all. Its no surprise they get totally owned by zenith

Article 3/31/13, 4:06 AM

than*, sorry couldnt resist, lol good interview though, the only team that we can observe clearly whether they are moving forwards or backwards

Article 3/27/13, 4:24 AM

chains stack how To lose

Article 3/24/13, 7:07 PM

great news, horrah

Article 3/22/13, 1:06 PM

#26 , wrong again, mushi is the best player in the world, coming out from several top team pros, unfortunately in your world, he is only the best in SEA. has no answer to morphling, if they split defend, even pajkatt will get shotgun down in just 2 secs if tinker camps behind mushi. kyxy's tinker pose a significant global threat to them. Orange just exploited morph, tinker's strengths and's 5 man dota to the max. clinkz should have gotten a diffusal blade to deal with those ghost scepter spams, this item is so underrated and gets forgotten all the time. and about the ping excuse, its total bullshit, if the connection from china to sg is bad no chinese would be paying $15 usd minimum nowadays just to get a non-red text invite when they could just pay the same amount to get a beta invite to perfect world's china dota2. Truth is the ping is good and china only queue in SEA servers to play their pub games all day.

Article 3/19/13, 6:03 AM