semen... hehe

Article 11/13/16, 5:28 PM


Article 11/12/16, 6:33 PM

dont have MidOne to carry mushit anymore, rip fnatic mushit leaving team soon due to health issues and miraculously found a cure again before TI

Article 11/12/16, 5:56 AM

NA doto best doto

Article 10/31/16, 6:16 AM

time for mushi to quit team or start kicking players

Article 10/30/16, 9:31 PM

any idea why white fries gaming isnt invited to participate in the SEA qualifiers ? the one with hyhy kyxy yamateh net and xfreedom i understand powergaming isnt invited cause they're basically team arrow that 322'd but if team mongolz can make it i dont see why team white fries cant make it

Article 10/22/16, 11:35 AM

fnatic placed higher than navi in the manila majors ? and fnatic crushed MVP 3-1 to qualify ESL one ? not to mention all the things they have achieved in between ti 5 - ti 6 when navi was in rubbish bin tier

Article 6/20/16, 9:42 AM

who are u to say navi deserve the invite while the other teams dont , if anything only OG , liquid , NewBee and MVP deserves the invite, navi has been in shit tier for ages n only got back in form recently. same applies to LGD Achievement wise MVP > Fnatic > Na'Vi , dont know why fnatic gets FUCKED OVER by volvo AGAIN and make decisions in favor of Na'Vi, same fucking UNFAIR treatment from what team Malaysia players have experienced in ti4, the rubbish no tiebreaker rule and give Na'Vi a free pass to winners bracket. What is happening now is the exact same shitty unfair treatment and volvo is allowing that to happen AGAIN its not right to disregard all year long achievements and only look at recent performances, that is directly conflicting with the roster stability volvo has always been emphasizing on. If they are just gonna give out TI invites based on recent performances , teams might as well ignore the roster change rule n keep swapping cause they gonna get fked over if they did not win any majors before TI.

Article 6/20/16, 5:26 AM