Yes June out! This guy is only good at MMR,from the paper this team looks quite scary. Faith and Chuan is back as the duo maybe they can work it out this time,only concern about the offlaner (it might be Luo) but from paper is quite good

Article 3/6/15, 9:14 PM

It's so hard to check the previous match and the team performance. it's not good for bettors the old one better

Article 3/2/15, 7:52 PM

Got exposed by VG and now losing left and right 17-0 BOYS Kappa

Match 2/8/15, 2:35 PM

Rape as hard as it gets! Thx for the greatest odds ever TS fangays

Match 2/6/15, 7:28 AM

I don't think this was because no Xiao8, maybe in terms of lacking leader yes but i believe is because of lack practice and underestimate. Newbee still after TI4 won many tournament before DAC. the biggest one was WCA, where they crushed everyone so i believe this was because lack of practice and underestimate and like xiao8 said "Wake up call!"

Article 2/1/15, 7:40 PM

Even BG played way better than Newbee at the moment,even though they never practice. well money make you blind indeed...

Article 1/30/15, 7:59 PM

GG NiP won

Match 1/21/15, 6:57 PM

This is new patch. everything can happen be careful on your bets

Match 12/18/14, 4:26 AM