go FNatic.eu and QPAD [;)]

Article 3/28/13, 2:29 PM

LGD really knows how to train and pick talented players. lol, complaining chinese food is too spicy. [:P]

Article 3/26/13, 8:20 PM

I think final is likely to be between NAVI vs NTH [;)] I was definitely hoping to see QPANDAS enter this competition hahaha. It would be a good competition to start off

Article 3/15/13, 2:37 PM

@19, I think LGD.int should be classed as an asian/chinese team, despite non of the players being chinese, but I think they are definitely sponsored, managed and supported by a Chinese organisation (LGD). Its like saying Arsenal isn\'t an English football club because more than 99% of the players and managers are not English. I am hoping to see a better performance from VG. They have got so much talent under CTY ps. CTY should solo mid, playing carry has less of an impact on the early game which is extremely important in the current fast meta-game.

Article 3/15/13, 2:32 PM

I am very excited about this new team. Might not be the best Dota2 team out there but definitely the coolest. A team with plenty of attitude and trolls haha [:)]

Article 3/14/13, 7:38 PM

Can't wait. My favourite player of all time [;)]

Article 3/13/13, 6:24 PM