Game three was not a push strat from [A], they have no pushing heros. It was a fighting lineup. I reckon if you give the game three lineup from [A] to iG, iG would have crushed VG. Or its another pocket strat that they never practised before. [A] are really cocky in thinking simply out drafting VG will win them the game

Match 1/8/14, 12:14 AM

he did not. FY was helping the dual lane top

Match 1/7/14, 11:59 PM

Super's storm too good. such fast reactions. dodging stuns left and right

Match 1/7/14, 11:58 PM

When Ferrari or Mushi plays OD, OD solo kills Sylar bear. When S4 plays OD, less cs than oppositions denies....that is poor

Match 1/7/14, 11:54 PM

Sylar more denies than S4 got in cs lol

Match 1/7/14, 11:48 PM

VG outpicked so hard. The bear wont survive at all with the minus minor. VG has to outplay [A] so hard to win

Match 1/7/14, 11:38 PM

Game 1 was stomp because [A] were innovative and caught VG off guard. Game 2 was closer because VG played a lineup that [A] knows and studied about. If [A] wants to win they have to out strat VG, outplaying VG is tough. [A] knew what VG were doing in game two, but still lost whereas VG had no idea about the Tuskar pick.

Match 1/7/14, 11:28 PM

imo VG's lineup was more predictable, they have played that lineup for months and months....yet [A] still failed to beat it -_-. [A] have to pull something out of the bag like game 1. An innovative unexpected strat to beat VG. They have to catch VG off guard....[A] have to out strat VG, outplaying VG is tough

Match 1/7/14, 11:24 PM