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  • Date of birth Oct 12, 1988
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shouperman's activity

you know Liquid beat a 4 man DK. Lahm is seriously ill. Was sent to Hospital before the match

Match 7/10/14, 2:09 AM

DK have been basically 4v5, Lahm is really ill. He was taken to emergency hospital for a migraine.....So DK are really struggling

Match 7/10/14, 2:08 AM

Game two was simply epic. The team fight when DK breached the base lasted for almost 4-5minutes. The skill level was so high. The fight lasted so long that Puck and DP used their ultimate skills twice in one fight. It was incredible how iG kept all their heroes alive for so long, at the time it was amazing how DK eventually broke barracks. Some of the best fights I have seen for a long time.

Article 1/19/14, 1:12 PM

DK played really well but I think iG is not on form. With news that they could be disbanding (Dont think this is true) and potential roster changes (Hao+Faith leaving) the team has not been scrimming or practising on a regular basis. YYF was even streaming on YY rather than training the past few days. iG did not bring their A game today, the final was no where near as close to the WPC-ACE finals in my opinion. Even Iceiceice in an interview stated that their recent wins were nothing special, as he hinted some of the top tier teams in China or changing rosters hence they have not be training that much I think the competition may stiffen after the reshuffle as the rosters after the chinese new year will probably be the final rosters before The internationals.

Article 1/19/14, 11:17 AM

Western scene have coaches....Maelk was coach/manager for EG. I am sure some teams have coaches we just don't know who they are.

Article 1/8/14, 11:35 PM

sadly his English is not good enough to communicate, he can barely speak chinese properly hahaha. Azarkon why don't you become a coach? You can do it. The gg community will support you

Article 1/8/14, 11:29 PM

unlikely to come back as a player...more likely to be a coach. He makes lots of dota1 videos, and plays dota2 occasionally.....

Article 1/8/14, 6:26 PM

I hope VG is not disbanding/reshuffling....

Article 1/8/14, 12:37 AM
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