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you guys kidding me? it makes total sense! if i had immortal treasure and i got the invoker immortal item say, i'll definitely try it/show it off in a game, however i might not be a regular invoker player and the chances of me losing wil be definitely very high!! Basically when the fraction of players-not-used-to-the-hero increase, the win rate has to decrease as the chance of those people winning will be too damn low; thats with a high skill cap hero. if you consider someone like zeus who is a low skill cap hero (face it) for pub games and is often played as support ()hence doesn't waste a core lane like voker) explaining it will comparatively be quite difficult to lose a game with (stress on comparatively).

Article 7/13/15, 6:49 PM

3 buyback -> YYF storm ultra kill -> buyback cooldown nerf!! respect for the most disciplined DOTA player ever!! GL HF!

Article 7/25/14, 4:27 AM

so are you :P!!

Article 6/2/14, 1:37 PM

Judging by his (Mantis!) country flag, Its probably a power cut! :P

Article 6/2/14, 12:25 PM

meh!!... He's the same retard who thinks that more money earned = better carry!! don't waste your time arguing with HIM!!

Article 4/21/14, 7:29 PM

Its funny how you say Loda is best carry in eu, sure he definitely the biggest egoist!! He was awesome once and is much like Vigoss (in his role!) except he 'happen' to find himself a 'really close friend' who still is in that 'awesome' tier and then 'awesome solos' like s4 and AdmiralBulldog (emerging young player of the year 2012 by GG.net). Having good team-mates does not mean you're that good. Sure you can have 800 GPM average while your solos make you all the space, but what if they fail? tell me one instance where loda has made space for himself let alone his team. He is definitely most probable to choke in a high-stake game of all so-called 'tier 1' carries. I'm confident that pajkatt/misery(yes! despite playing a support for quite some time now!)/Fear and XBOCT too (considering the whole DOTA 2 career) are better than him in that position!! don't get me wrong, I am also a Loda fan since he is one of the veterans, whose games/replays made me interested in the scene/He is top 3 DotA carries of all time, but its sad that not of DOTA 2!! I will close with this: Had Pajkatt been in [A]-2013, they'd not have dropped a single game in TI3 finals against Na'Vi (at least never that spec game), let alone any of the goupstage ones!

Article 4/21/14, 5:02 PM

ha! if i remember correctly EternalEnvy made NoTidehunter, when loda and akke were looking for a team, they temporarily joined EE,s4 and Bulldog. He did try his best to destroy that team and kicked EE to get EGM (prolly one of the best supports NOW!!, but was completely unproven and played off lane in singsing's team QPAD red dragons). You may argue that it was a team decision and they kicked him because he was canadian and they wanted an all swedish roster, but i'm sure the biggest contribution of pennies to make that dollar was of LODA's EGO conflict with EE's ego (smaller because nothing can really compare to LODA's).

Article 4/21/14, 4:10 PM

Most retarded comment ever! I'd rate carry performance mainly with: how many times has he brought his team when his solos couldn't do shit!(by farming/plays etc.) - his throws!! certainly LODA will have that number in negative for sure. XBOCT, i'm pretty sure will do a lot better in terms of this particular criterion because despite throws, he has made exceptional solo/team plays on his own; kinda don't remember LODA come even close to making one good play, though i do remember his throws.

Article 4/21/14, 3:40 PM
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