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Thunderbane's activity

This is total bulshit from Valve by giving only a single CIS spot. With this decision CIS became the hardest region to make the TI atm. Super dumb and bad decision. Why they didnt give only EU and CIS winners secure spots for TI and runners to play Bo5 for the 3d spot?? How they have decided that the 2nd EU spot is more important than 2nd CIS spot??? Its almost impossible to qualify from CIS region. Feel sorry for all teams there. Valve made SA with 0 experience and 0 achievements = CIS. Thats really bad.No comment about 3 slots for SEA. Bad, dumb, retarded. SA region with 4 teams and 6 open qualifiers get 1 slot?? It doesnt matter CIS teams didnt perform very well lately. It's a total disrespect to their teams and comunity for all the hard work, passion and effort they have done so far during all these years for Dota 2 increasing enormously its popularity in the region and worldwide. Valve suck as usual!

Article 6/21/17, 3:23 PM

They can easily find other teams to play for with their individual skills. You see that koreans, filipinos and malaisians are coming in EU and US and make careers for themselves. The problem with chinese players at least from my point of view is that I think they have huge problems with english. I have never heard a chinese player talking english so far at Dota tournament. They are the only group of guys which one always needs a translation. I don't know and maybe that is intentional, but it seems to me they barely understand some words. So the language barrier is a huge issue for them and I think that will prevent chinese to move away from this shitty rules and noncenses.

Article 5/17/17, 11:34 PM

It will be interesting to watch female competing with pros. I hope she can handle it.

Article 1/12/17, 12:34 PM

Hordes of crying babies infesting dota forums right now. Stop crying and give a shot to the new patch. If you still dont like it,just quit. Millions of games online these days.Its not the end of the world!

Article 12/12/16, 1:27 PM

Then you have an option bruh: dont like it,dont play it. Simple.

Article 12/12/16, 1:23 PM

Who cares about competitive teams? Dota 2 is played by millions of ppl,who will like the changes or not. Dota is not competitive teams all about.

Article 12/12/16, 11:40 AM

Only another NA team can lose to CoL 2wice in a row in a single tournament.Lmao

Article 12/6/16, 11:37 AM

And what about dumb PA. One of the most broken heroes together with slark. These daggers from 1200 range with 1k + crits /bashes/armor reducing 6 secs cooldown 15 mana with 4 secs slow for 50% AMAZING. What does poor Sniper have vs PA? PA kills Sniper in 1/2 secs after phantom strike, and often only by using dagger.

Article 10/3/16, 11:08 AM
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