IG is so f*cking bad I forgot that Na'Vi was eliminated on dreamhack during first round. Damn my branches

Match 6/20/13, 5:51 PM

ermehgerd! please bet on alliance people so that i could win more branches if quantic wins

Match 6/17/13, 5:33 PM


Match 6/16/13, 5:16 PM

this documentary was posted long before.. why not make another one instead?

Article 6/11/13, 9:36 AM

GG rattle snakes going to Seattle!

Match 5/29/13, 5:28 PM

Yeah.. I guess it was LoH who\'s giving Na\'Vi the upperhand.. Puppey is not the CHEN anymore nowadays. I was really impressed with his CHEN in TI1 and LYCAN in TI2.

Article 4/27/13, 12:20 PM

Puppey's pick is predictable and easily get countered. He always picks rubik and THD. He was that GENIUS before. Why not create NEW META? Pick heroes that are not in the current meta. Puppey used to out draft other team captains. Now Puppey's outdrafted by other teams.

Article 4/27/13, 12:12 PM