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Player union runs by team managers. Seems legit.

Article 5/25/17, 12:40 AM

But the problem is Wing former players really did leave while still on the contact. So it's not the clear cut case of the organization bullying players. While it's too hard punishment I doubt many players would step up to protect them. But Valve could save them though. In the end if they deny ACE decision who can over throw them?

Article 5/18/17, 12:10 AM

Yeah but along with the new changes. It might not always wise to leave your safe to stack the camp. As the creeps are even more push toward the enemy's offlane and XP bonus from deny. With 20% less gold and xp from neutral creep, sup might don't want to stack early.

Article 5/15/17, 10:20 PM

IG.V hasn't done well since DAC http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/teams/14013-ig-vitality/matches There are still advantage like they don't have to play against another stronger teams in the first round. Which should be enough. I don't know why people are still complaining about TNC and Faceless like Faceless is still a powerhouse. They're not anymore. They lost to almost everyone even in SEA scene recently. Compare to how they won Liquid with BO1 in DAC, imo this is more fair. I don't think Faceless have an easy route at all. TNC is super strong like now and is now stronger than Liquid and EG(from recent matches result). TB and EG did pretty badly themselves in the group state so it's fair for them to fight each other. Also it's BO3. There shouldn't be an excuse for any team to lose in BO3 against a weaker team. If they're really good, they will win. That's all.

Article 4/26/17, 7:35 AM

Because Chinese people abuse tourist and study visa so much that usa border control takes extra care on them. Like they would come and work illegally and never go back to their country ever(because they couldn't comeback to usa ever again). It causes a lot of problem before. Kinda like how Trump blames Mexican now.

Article 11/30/16, 1:12 AM

Only kids would say something like that. Adults would understand why it's important that we can't let something like that slide away. Why we need to care about someone else problem? Because one day you might get into that position and if everyone else acted like "who care? It's your problem." then your society would be full of scammers/con-artist/corruption. And how would you feel when you ask for someone help and then other people say like "Stop crying on the public and fix your own problem by yourself!!". It's the same concept as why most countries have to have a union for workers. Otherwise people would be exploited/abused all the time. I don't know about you but I don't want to live in that type of society and bet that many people won't either. Also ee did try to deal with the problem behind the scene and have to go public because it didn't work.

Article 10/20/16, 4:49 AM

I swear if they go to Secret and join RTZ I will ...

Article 8/28/16, 12:46 PM

A Chinese e-sport player? NOPE!! A terrorist? YES!!!! Merica border control logic FailFish

Article 7/26/16, 5:42 PM
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