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  • Location Sweden
  • Date of birth Jul 6, 1989
  • Primary game StarCraft 2
Editor-in-chief of GosuGamers. If I did not respond to your news request the first time, I will probably not do it the second time either! Currently best: Dabruck & Klein, Wolfgang Gartner, Daniel Portman, Ludvig Holm & Niklas Gustavsson!

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Probably the best manager and coolest guy in esports! Go Elroy! [;)]

Article 6/28/10, 5:02 PM

First of all, there will probably only be chinese teams participating in DotA. Second of all, that is quite some money for a Chinese team, considering it's an okey monthly european salery.

Article 6/8/10, 1:22 PM

#8, you might just be the biggest fucking retard around? How is this "stealing" from DotA? Are you refering to the prize money, and that it should go to DotA? If so you gotta be epically retarded as SteelSeries just don't come up to GosuGamers and say: "Hey here's $40,000 spend it on whichever game you'd like". And if you're refering to that they might not put as much effort into the DotA section, well, they are different crews and they don't work simuntaniously on the different sectionts. That's pretty obvious, too. Congratulations on making yourself look like a moron. Cheers.

Article 5/11/10, 11:53 PM

Kuroky vs Orly. Interesting indeed. [:)]

Article 3/30/10, 10:09 PM

Great stuff! Also a good way to follow the fixture and upcoming matches, since pages like readmore does not cover the game yet.

Article 3/21/10, 10:47 PM

#3, lol you obviously have no idea what that image is made for...........

Blog 3/14/10, 8:12 PM

Guess it depends on which level of skill you're talking about. Basically, imo, you should bann heroes that you come to hate after games as well as pick heroes that everyone in your team feel confident with. ... asuming you know the basics like support, carry, ganking etc.

Blog 3/2/10, 7:54 PM

Wouldn't count in a governing body to turn up soon, considering it has been a key missing in many other well established games for a long time. It's easy pointing out problems, though.

Article 11/23/09, 6:28 PM
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