Hahahaha, true

Article 9/10/14, 4:55 AM

Gl ya'll

Article 9/10/14, 4:54 AM

lol dem name team names hahaha

Article 9/9/14, 8:04 AM

Gogo PH!

Article 9/9/14, 8:04 AM

I hope I win

Article 9/8/14, 2:12 PM

I think Jay has attitude problems, an organization won't simply release a player for stupid reasons

Article 8/31/14, 3:56 AM

Only know 1-2 players here that really plays for achievements, not for money. Pity for them. Goodluck

Article 8/30/14, 12:30 AM

Too bad The Singaporean Dreams didn't even make it to Top 4 of the Qualifiers.

Article 6/11/14, 5:02 PM