Pick me up, NAVI.PH Come to me Peenoy Haters

Article 12/5/14, 6:29 PM

Don't worry guys, they just picked bad against NA`VI. Sleep, Ravage, then nothing to do. Another AoE would be good replacing SD or Ogre Eitherway, goodluck to our representative!

Article 10/23/14, 4:46 PM

It really seems like MY will win since the start. But they are reasons why they didn't invite many teams

Article 10/20/14, 4:06 AM

Secret Team will kill Group B. While IAP can upset VP and NA`VI. Well, since I'm from the same land I'm hoping IAP get a chance in this tournament. Gl fellow countrymen!

Article 10/20/14, 4:03 AM

It's not impossible, this Lance and ddz really seem to be like puppets

Article 10/19/14, 6:24 AM

I have to approve these. They really seem to been doing it.

Article 10/18/14, 6:32 PM

I pity MSI, that team really did a bad move. Trading shit for their future.

Article 10/15/14, 7:08 PM

Yeah! ixmike's back!

Article 10/6/14, 3:36 PM