• Name Lim Raina
  • Location Singapore
  • Primary game StarCraft 2

Raina's activity

Well there's still a good amount of teams for the event to go on, so be glad. To people condemning teams due to differing ruling and policy, their withdrawal saves their trouble it save the tournament organisers trouble too, so be glad too. For VALVE the main head and body to remove the tournament completely off the dota 2 circuit is a very strong and clear message, they don't believe in the either the country's policy or they have doubts in the drug test implemented,.

Article 1/11/18, 10:32 AM

G2 esports winning EU LCS and now DH. Heard they are considering a Dota2 division as well. Looks good.

Article 9/5/17, 3:29 PM

A China tournament without the most recent chinese champion. That's kind of sad.

Article 10/2/16, 11:52 AM

Group A obvious strong-weak team, some teams simply not performing over the past few months. Some teams may surprise but still maybe more predictable. Group B the strength is more spread across the teams, they might not have the best team at the moment but it might be the most competitive table. Maybe more fun to watch.

Article 8/2/16, 4:40 PM

first he didn't train for the wcs final citing a move to lotv, (it's better to train for the next patch) then now he totally given up on sc2. While sc2 is pretty much dying, but being in the top 16 in the world doesn't motivates him. Kind of sad. Does he have a team?

Article 7/5/16, 5:47 AM

That's the point, replacing teams with their region's team is unwise. At this point, they would have to just go on.

Article 7/5/16, 5:43 AM

It's a bit hard to replace teams according to the respective with 2 days left? Unfair for the team flying in too, and of course visa issues.

Article 7/4/16, 9:32 AM

I think ever since Shanghai major when MVP found a chink in the EG armour, the strength of will became broken, they chop and change wishing to patch back their mental will. TI curse? The rate EG deteriorate is not so bad. And secret being secret as always turn up for one event disappear in the next, have valid reasons to believe they are keeping something. Will only consider a success if they get top 3 at TI.

Article 6/8/16, 3:55 AM
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