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very nice article , looking forward for next analysis why TNC can make it happened rank 1 at bracket , n what Fnatic so strong rank 2 at bracket i mean at qualifier hope u make the analysis about qualifier in every region why NaVi falls , etc very like this article

Article 6/27/17, 9:22 PM

thanks , i like your article so much looking forward for next analysis , coz i cant watch every game on pro scene i really need draft analys on gosu

Article 6/27/17, 9:00 PM

well well thanks a lot Siddharth "Gopya" Gopujkar u made my day to be honest i dont really care about exp since usually if i play core i end up lv 25 in mid stage game especially , i only target lv 18 so i can rape them all except Invoker , that badly need lv 25 to get most effective use of his skill or maybe Centaur more health with lv 25 or some amazing talent hero at lv 25 other than that , i choose gold , no care about exp thanks a lot gopya

Article 4/18/17, 12:22 PM

ups , i should said miracle brainless fan girl

Match 8/10/16, 1:14 PM

sorry OG brainless fan girl pinoy rape ur beloved congrats pinoy you are great TNC

Match 8/10/16, 1:13 PM

hello OG fan girl did u change ur mind fan girl ? 9k is real ? miracle carry the team ? OG win TI 6 ? bye bye but hurt fangirl dota is team game 5 vs 5 noob

Match 8/10/16, 1:12 PM

ehh , im forced to comment here dota is 5 vs 5 , mmr just a number, especially if it MMR solo its solo MMR dude , 9k , not party mmr if u use team vs team , even at dota2 , the system copy party mmr , not solo how about Rtz and W33 team hah ? super damn high MMR, W33 come from Balkan Bears and achieve nothing even Rtz mmr is so high too, but his acheivement , zzz ok enough of solo or party lets calculate this, OG has genius leader, Fly, he even the former captain of Fnatic HoN Squad his achievement at HoN is like number 1 or 2 best team in the world , his natural enemy is Akke and the gank his former member at HoN is Notail , NoVa , etc , i remember Hanni too Dota2 has more money n future than HoN , so they switched to Dota2 Fly is a jewish too , gifted with genius brain , jewish clan rule a massive amount of business in this world if u use ur brain correctly, Fly often use non mainstream strategy that can surprise enemy maybe u forgot Moon , one of the best offlaner in the world, lets change Moon with RotK , i bet this OG team will be a broken team Crit- and Notail , have a super damn synergy with Fly and Moon u think its easy to get 0 kill if ur team or captain dumb ? did Miracle in solo MMR can achieve straight 3 match++ 0 death ? its impossible bro , even in 1 match , its almost impossible for Miracle- to achieve 0 death this OG team can make 4 match++ 0 death on Miracle- versus pro player kid , versus pro player oke , pro player enemy has great synergy and coordination compared to solo mmr dude that achievement only can be achieved by a super good team Dota is 5 vs 5 , Miracle- cant do a shit without his team , and good captain this OG team age is around 7 months , what is that Miracle doing in 7 month with this team ? its even officialy 7 months with OG , but actually they stick around 9 months++ , he should take a lot of thropy in 9 months dude , so many tournament held in this 9 months at the beginning of his career early 2015 with Balkan Bears, early 2015 compare to now. is around 18 months dude , ur hero 18 months only got that achievement ah , its plus management too , OG team has good management team , u think they come to the Manila Tournament only with 5 ppl ? ok i hope this lesson enough for you *sorry grammar nazi , i dont need you now

Article 6/12/16, 8:22 PM

yup , mushi is very kind but if he like u , u know what will happen to ur anus

Article 10/24/15, 4:39 AM
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