• Name Dimitri Aupetit
  • Location France
  • Date of birth Mar 6, 1987
  • Primary game StarCraft 2

PROMETHEUS's activity

"sc2 is harder than sc1" How could a SC1 pro possibly think that ? o_o Probably because he's not yet Dominating in SC2 as he was and still kinda is in SC1. I mean SC2 is so much easier and simple and... worse. For now.

Article 9/10/10, 7:15 PM

"known for making an insane number of SCVs" haha I obs'ed a game of him the other day in Starcraft 2 and he had 112 SCVs at one point.

Article 9/2/10, 4:27 PM

If the maker of Avatar makes a Starcraft movie we're certainly going to end up with a gigantic turd. Of course, since most of the very popular movies suck, there is no doubt being a turd will not stop it from being very popular.

Article 8/31/10, 3:48 PM

I agree with #9, although I tend to generally prefer PC, there are also some incredibly annoying issues with PC gaming and game making, because the hardware possibilities are too numerous and expensive. The statement posted by #7 is ridiculous because this is what makes consoles much less bothersome and expensive : they don't cost much and they last longer because games are tailored to their hardware, which doesn't change.

Article 7/29/10, 9:24 PM

I bet it's more than 200 millions

Article 7/24/10, 7:42 PM

Interesting questions/answer although there is a very arrogant attitude throughout.

Article 7/8/10, 1:51 AM

This is a terrible article with terrible arguments that doesn't belong on a news site homepage, for the reasons well explained by #14 and others.

Article 5/31/10, 1:58 PM

Day[9], please tell us the names of the artists that made the tracks you put on the stream today because they are extremely good !!

Article 5/22/10, 6:03 PM
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