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BoA)Whyte('s activity

Not really the most opaque news for national qualifiers which are "very well know for their high level and big prestige", anyway SC is, unfortunately, dead. A shame, big one. Nevertheless GJ Yayba, show'em !

Article 8/23/10, 4:26 PM

to all "fans" of this shitty idea: http://wowriot.gameriot.com/blogs/Americans-are-bad-at-games/Real-Names-on-the-Official-Forums-New-REAL-ID-function?gr_i_ni have fun

Article 7/7/10, 1:21 PM

blizzard is gay

Article 7/4/10, 10:24 PM

charon: what is this I don't even... please give us some source on which u base your knowledge, mkay ?

Article 6/11/10, 11:23 PM

#33 rage is here because, unlike you, some people really mind being limited. B.Net 2.0 sucks donkey balls atm, and probably will too, in the future. Blizzard, you damn bastards, I'll still buy this fucking game. As most of us will. But I feel really disgusted by all the bullshit you spit.

Article 5/29/10, 3:21 PM

look at roaches stats/price/every other bullshit about this unit and just do some simple calculations. the conclusion is - zerg has too many options in the beginning which you have to consider while trying to play vs him as T/P, cause he can always use these horribly overpowered units against you. in hands of a good player zerg is quite unbeatable ; ) EDIT: and please spare me comments such as "learn to scout, noob" cause we all know scouting isn't always relevant (especially vs Z when it's impossible to run away from lings on the creep with SCV/probes)

Article 3/29/10, 7:00 PM

zerg imba ! and that's truth at the current moment ; ) !

Article 3/29/10, 6:37 PM

yeah.. guys imo artosis isn't really the best contributor possible, simply because he's TOTALLY biased. he shouldn't be biased. I don't get how people can be like "<3 artosis" (unless it means his "mark" is below three (D in US, I guess)...) jon747, nevake are the guys we all should sing poems about.

Article 3/10/10, 10:20 PM
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